I’ve been writing and running this blog for over 3 years now (how did that happen?) and I realised I’ve never actually told you guys how I named it. Cue a cliché post into the origins of why I started blogging and how this corner of the internet has evolved over the years… Prepare to be astounded by my creative genius. Why did you start blogging?  Like many people, I started blogging because I was bored. And, of course, to make my millions. Just kidding! (I actually haven’t made a penny from this site #PRrequest). As an 18 year old with no summer… View Post

It’s easy to get blasé about being able to visit Paris when you live in France. Recently, I was watching The Hills (sidenote – all time favourite reality TV show) when it dawned on me that not everybody gets to go to Paris. So, let me take you all on a journey back through time (sort of)… During my year abroad, many moons ago (well more like a few months), I spent a weekend staying with one of my friends who lived in Paris. Amazingly, she’d managed to score accommodation right next to the Eiffel Tower. Dreamy. During my time there,… View Post

Before I start typing an elaborately deep post at 9.30pm on a Friday night (wild), I want to say that depression is a very serious illness. I’m sure you’ve read that in every little nook and cranny of the blogosphere but it’s true. It’s why, for this post, instead of the ‘Post Year Abroad Depression’ I keep seeing banded about everywhere, I’ve decided to go with ‘The Post Year Abroad Blues’ instead. I’d also just like to put in a quick little disclaimer that whilst the ‘Post Year Abroad Blues’ are indeed an extremely first world problem, that doesn’t make… View Post

With Germany hitting the headlines for all the heartbreakingly wrong reasons lately, it might not be right up there on your travel bucket list. However, I have to say, the city of Cologne is one of the Rhine’s gems and definitely worth a visit – especially around Christmas time! I’m sure you all know by now that I spent my year abroad in Strasbourg, France (like I don’t bang on about it enough…). Coincidentally, Strasbourg is only about 4 & a half hours on a bus from Cologne and so what do you do when you get bored and your… View Post

At this very moment, whilst I sit tapping out this post in a 32-degree-hot London (say what?), I am dreaming of the sunny summer days I spent in Strasbourg. As you may or may not know, I’ve spent the past year of my life studying law in France on my year abroad. Of course, during my time on the European continent, I was never far away from a good social – namely a few glasses (or bottles) of wine down the pub. Here’s my pick of cheap places to eat, drink and party in the Alsatian capital – ideal for… View Post